Queen Victoria

A figure in bronze of the late Queen Victoria created by sculptor George Frampton. The statue is located on Woodhouse Moor, a public park in Leeds that was visited by Queen Victoria in 1858. Together with large bronze figures representing Peace and Industry, the statue forms part of the Victoria Memorial erected in memory of the late Queen in 1905. It sits on top of a 30 foot high plinth of Portland stone. At the base of the statue, on the right, it’s just possible to make out the name of the artist, and underneath this, the date 1905.

The following is a description of the statue from the Yorkshire Evening Post of the 23rd November 1905 :

“Queen Victoria is represented seated, crown on head, and Coronation robes depending around her figure; in her right hand is the Sceptre, in her left, the Orb, surmounted by the Cross as symbolising the progress made by Christianity in the Victorian era. In feature her Majesty is depicted as she appeared at the age of about fifty years, and the whole of the work is executed in bronze, somewhat of lighter shade than that of the statuary in City Square.”

An examination of the photograph shows the orb referred to above, to be missing from the Queen’s left hand.

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